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I found Miranda and Rafaella to be talented and knowledgeable. Together they have an impeccable eye for style, color, decor and surroundings. They work with and carry an incredible variety of beautiful artwork that can fit any number of different decor tastes.
— Tatjana
We think of Miranda and Rafaella daily—every time we walk by one of our new paintings we’re reminded of them and all the help they gave us finding artwork for our house. They are remarkable women with valuable insights. We loved every bit of our experience working with Sorelle Gallery.
— Chelsea
As a designer, I am always seeking guidance in finding fine art for my clients. The staff at Sorelle Gallery go out of their way to help. They have brought numerous paintings to my clients’ homes for approval. They are able to help us visualize how different works of art will look on the walls with their sophisticated use of computerization. They represent some great artists and are a great team!
— Robyn (Robyn Klein Interiors)
We wanted someone to help us understand and reflect our (not their) sensibilities in our purchase...and that’s what Rafaella and Miranda did...from the first time we walked in the gallery to talk about our evaluating their extraordinary inventory of ultimately hanging the painting we selected in our home...they focused on making OUR vision come to life
— Chip