Bringing Visual Interest Into Small, But High-Traffic Spaces

We at Sorelle Gallery Fine Art know that some rooms don't have the wall space to accommodate a painting larger than 30 x 30, but that doesn't mean choices are limited! There are many exciting ways to showcase art in smaller spaces. As Art Advisors, curating a collection of work or a single piece for a small space is an exciting challenge we love to face head-on! Here are some suggestions to strengthen a pre-existing art collection or begin anew in a modest, but impactful way: 

A Collection of Small Works by a Single Artist

Create an 'artist feature' gallery wall by installing an assortment of their smaller works. 

ABOVE: Gallery Director, Miranda Girard shows a client various hanging arrangements of Teodora Guererra's "Wet Surface" series for their powder room. This small space is a high-traffic area for the home, but has minimal light. These paintings offer the condensed space a subtle pop of color and room-expanding metallic luminosity.

Pick a Pair

Sometimes finding artwork for a narrow or short wall can be exasperating.  We suggest picking a pair of smaller works to fill your space completely. Tailor the look to the wall's specific needs by stacking, staggering, or hanging side-by-side.

Single Pieces in a Small Setting

Sometimes a single, unique piece of art can make the perfect statement in a petite space. Consider hanging a detailed, realistic piece with bold color or an abstract piece with a reflective quality to captivate onlookers. 

Create Dimension with Sculpture

Sculpture is a great way to add dimension to tight quarters. Rob Lorenson's small aluminum and stainless steel pieces (made to live indoors or out) are the perfect fit for any small area that gets a lot of attention, such as this intimate outdoor seating area.

 SOLD: "Yellow Quadrangle #1" by Rob Lorenson.

SOLD: "Yellow Quadrangle #1" by Rob Lorenson.


Trending Under 30 x 30

SOLD: Take a look at what's trending in smaller artwork.

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