What's Trending: Organic Metallic Abstracts

As the days grow longer and the sun begins to shine, we are excited to find our clients making bolder art decisions. Paintings with a pop of color and metallic quality bring extra warmth and life into homes. Large and small scale pieces, incorporated into existing collections, add a statement to any room.

Read on for examples of our most recent colorful projects, and tips on how you can Get the Look in your own space...

Ned Martin / Abstraction & Realism

SOLD: Ned Martin's paintings with layers of gold leaf, primary colors and abstracted nature are true statement pieces for any collector.

Ned Martin's artwork has evolved into Abstract and Realist-Abstract depictions of everyday life and nature. He incorporates metallic materials, such as reclaimed aluminum printing plates and 24 karat gold leaf, as well as hand-ground walnut oil paint to enhance the longevity of his work. His work has been widely collected across the globe.

Sheryl Daane-Chesnut / Mineral & Mixed Media Paintings

INSTALLATION: Sheryl-Daane's earthy abstract paintings echo the palette on this dining room overlooking the Long Island Sound. The collector's brushed nickel and warm-toned decorative accents bring this beautifully textural artwork to the forefront.

 "Black Ice" by Sheryl-Daane Chesnut

"Black Ice" by Sheryl-Daane Chesnut

 "Gresslands (1)" by Sheryl Daane-Chesnut

"Gresslands (1)" by Sheryl Daane-Chesnut

Julia Contacessi / Etherial Art

INSTALLATION: Contacessi paints with whimsical bliss, bringing clean-lined designs to life. Her paintings incorporate gold and silver base layers with cool-toned strokes of blue, purple, pink and white; mimicking the movement of the ocean and sky. This installation showcases her painting, "Fleeting Light", for the Near & Far Aid Designer House Tour. 


Roger Mudre / Reflective & Transformative Circle Paintings

SOLD: Roger Mudre works on paper and wood panel to create organic metallic circle paintings that playfully reflect alternating light throughout the day.

Roger's large paintings (60 x 60 and 48 x 48) fill a large wall, while his smaller pieces on paper or panel are the perfect companion piece to an existing collection.

 "Asarabacca" by Roger Mudre in Day Light and Evening Light

"Asarabacca" by Roger Mudre in Day Light and Evening Light


Alina B / Mixed Media Mirror Paintings

INSTALLATION: Alina B's mixed media mirror paintings incorporate abstract movement with the application of acid, metallic paint. Pockets of exposed mirror reflect surroundings in a unique way. 

"Thou Mayest" by Alina B is installed in a serene grey Master Bedroom sitting area.

See a painting you like? Give us a call or send us an email to inquire. We're happy to offer art advising online, over the phone or on-site! You can also take advantage of our digital imposing services. Send us a photo of your wall with measurements and we will send you a variety of options that fit your taste and budget. info@sorellegallery.com or 203.920.1900