Not Your Everyday Gallery

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Step inside Sorelle Gallery and you will find a variety of artwork hanging carefully planned relation to size, space and color for the local passerby to admire on a whim. However, many of these visitors don’t realize the extent of our inventory and relationship to artists both near and far.  American Impressionist Landscapes, Abstract Dreamscapes, impressive driftwood sculptures and ceramic vessels are just the tip of the iceberg.

Grab a seat, we’ll make you some tea and show you what sets us apart… 

Our expertise begins with an art conversation

Are you looking for artwork for a certain room and space? A specific color palette? Do you prefer abstract pieces or something recognizable? After a few questions, we can pull the pieces from our in-gallery storage so you can see the pieces right then and there. 




Want to see these pieces in your home?

No problem. We will fill our Sorelle Gallery van with the pieces you love and bring them to you. Great art not only enhances your home; it lifts your spirit and stirs your soul. Sorelle offers much more than the typical gallery experience, we strive to encourage clients to love and understand art.

To request a complimentary at-home art consultation in Fairfield County, CT and parts of New York, complete our Art Advisory Questionnaire.

If you’re just visiting, we also offer art on approval.  Live with it for a few days and then love it for the rest of your life.


Sorelle Gallery: your new destination for improving your art collection!