What does working with an Art Advisor entail? If you’re interested in beginning or augmenting your art collection, there’s nothing better than consulting with our team at Sorelle Gallery! We do our best to make buying art an enjoyable experience for everyone, and to make the process of collecting art accessible for all. Keep reading to see Sorelle Gallery’s approach, and how easy and fun it is to grow your own art collection with the help of our Art Advisory team!

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Compelling Combinations


Sorelle Gallery Fine Art represents a multiple artists with a variety of styles of painting and sculpting. It is up to our art advisors to link a multitude of genres of art together for an unexpected, impressive statement. In the spirit of our September-October show, "Dawn to Dusk", we've curated some examples of how pairing divergent duos can create a compelling collection!

Dawn to Dusk: On display September 20th - October 20th


FEATURED: (left) "A Song For Connemara" by John C. Traynor, (right) "Unspoken" by Ned Martin

Two very different, very technical painters - John C. Traynor and Ned Martin find much of their inspiration in nature. Their color palette is similar, and there is a vibrancy and light in their paintings that feels almost ethereal. Both artists’ work are introspective and serene, and each of them show their deliberate brushstrokes.


FEATURED: (left) "Coastal Prominence II" by Stacy Milburn, (right) "Elixir" by Antonia Tyz Peeples

Both of these artists work with reflective surfaces, but in different ways. Stacy Milburn's canvas is a mirror, which observes the viewer and demands their participation in the artwork. Antonia Tyz Peeple’s work showcases reflective and soothing water that is so realistic, it beckons the viewer to reach out and touch the linen canvas. By taking one step closer, and the viewer can imagine seeing their own reflection gazing right back at them.


FEATURED: (left) "Pulsatilla" by Roger Mudre, (right) "Harmony and Invention" by Deladier Almeida

Much can be said about Roger Mudre and Deladier Almeida's work, such as the sweeping movement and gestural quality. There is a sense of calm, contrasted by an energetic feeling of new life blossoming; as well as a love for paint and the many ways it can be applied. Both artists have a great color sense and create beautiful subtleties in their work.


FEATURED: (left) "Flight of Color" by Ronald Tinney, (right) “Mystique" by Julia Contacessi

The realistic depiction of nautical imagery and the abstract, side-by-side, creates a visually stunning pair! Whether the viewer's taste is leans more towards representational or abstract work, these two artists form a happy medium when placed together.


FEATURED: (left) "Midas and His Honey, Matte" by Jason Young, (right) "Ancient History" by Christine Averill-Green

Jason Young and Christine Averill-Green have a layering process that generates an unconventional finished piece. Glistening golds produce an iridescent layer that reflects light when viewed from various angles.


Check out some of our favorite compelling combination installations.


2018 Color Trends: Caliente


Benjamin Moore's Color of the Year is Caliente AF-290, and our Art Advisors have jumped at the opportunity to showcase a collection inspired by this bold hue. Keep reading to see Sorelle's art picks that echo the powerful and passionate feel of "Caliente".


Sorelle Gallery represents the estate of artist Stanley Bate (1903 - 1972); a dynamic collection of modern paintings and sculpture spanning the 1940's to early 1970's. 

BELOW: These two separate installations embrace the vibrancy that is typical in Stanley Bate's work. His mid-century modern paintings, framed here in their original white floaters, are enhanced by the scarlet walls, white wainscoting and traditional dark wood furniture. 


Rob Lorenson's stainless steel and aluminum sculptures are collected in over 200 public and private collections from small table top pieces to 16' large scale installations. His sculptures are perfect for interior or exterior display, and can be made in a variety of different colors. His trademark red pieces are made in a hot cherry red or toreador red, which is a little warmer.

ABOVERob Lorenson's "Toreador Rhythm #2" was featured in the 2018 Darien House Tour and the September 2018 issue of Connecticut Cottages & Gardens. Under the talented tutelage of Tina Anastasia of Mark P. Finlay Interiors, this stunning piece was staged in the historical Smith House, built in the late 1950's overlooking the Long Island Sound. Photo courtesy of Jane Beiles Photography.


Of course, Caliente is a color with a strong point of view. And for some, a softer version is more appealing. Toned-down reds and pinks can look just as visually glamorous as their vibrant cousin. Sorelle Gallery represents a handful of artists that work in these rusty, carmine tones.

BELOW: Amy Donaldson's "Symphony of Light" greets visitors to this contemporary New Canaan, CT. The smallest touch of red and pink amongst neutral grays create inviting, radiant warmth that can be enjoyed from the first and second floors.

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To Frame or Not To Frame?

There are many ways to display artwork, and thankfully, there's no wrong way to do it! It comes down to personal taste, informed by the painting's style and installation location. Keep reading to see the different options we're fond of at Sorelle Gallery.

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Bringing Visual Interest Into Small, But High-Traffic Spaces

We at Sorelle Gallery Fine Art know that some rooms don't have the wall space to accommodate a painting larger than 30 x 30, but that doesn't mean choices are limited! There are many exciting ways to showcase art in smaller spaces. As Art Advisors, curating a collection of work or a single piece for a small space is an exciting challenge we love to face head-on! Here are some suggestions to strengthen a pre-existing art collection or begin anew in a modest, but impactful way.

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Summer Seascapes

Happy Summer from the Sorelle Gallery Fine Art Advisors! We've had a busy start to the summer selling seascapes from our marine artists. Scroll to see the latest installations and to find out how you can create an art oasis in your home.

Ronald Tinney / Traditional New England Seascapes

SOLD: "LATE DAY BEAUTY" Ronald Tinney is a full-time artist who paints coastal landscapes on location “en plein air” year-round; studying nature and creating source material for his larger studio paintings. As a widely collected Signature Member of the American Society of Marine Artists, a Professional Member of the International Society of Marine Painters, a Juried Member of the Copley Society and a Past President of the Cape Cod Art Association, Tinney's trademark marsh scenes will endure for generations.

INSTALLATION: Ronald Tinney's traditional Cape Cod landscape painting is the focal point of this contemporary formal living room. Paired with a large-scale abstract by Julia Contacessi, the room is complete with relaxing undertones of cool blue, grey, gold and warm white.

Daniel Pollera / Long Island Sound Realism

SOLD: "HOUSE ON STILTS" and "PASSING THE COVE" Daniel Pollera's realist paintings depict structures, boats and beaches on Long Island. His primary focus is to create a beautiful, illuminated moment in time through exquisite light and color. His work is most recently featured on the cover of Dan's Papers, a Hamptons based print and digital publication. You can also find his artwork in the Long Island Museum in Stony Brook, NY.

INSTALLATION: Daniel Pollera's artwork adorns many public and private collections. This collector enjoys two of Pollera's paintings in their Stamford, CT formal living room.

INSTALLATION: Below: Daniel Pollera's work as a spotlight in both a comfortable, yet stately sitting room, and stunning home office. 

Miranda Girard / Impressionist Landscapes

SOLD: "SAINT MARTIN SUNSET" Miranda Girard is known for her beautiful impressionist sunsets on the water from Lake Geneva to the Caribbean. In addition to her representational work, she also paints a series of Drapescapes: fabric abstractions that evoke a landscape. She is a member of the Salmagundi Club in New York City, and her works are in private collections worldwide.

INSTALLATION: The collectors of Miranda Girard's, "Saint Martin Sunset", purchased this piece as a reminder of their Caribbean honeymoon. The ethereal sunset and vibrant blues help create a standout piece in this spacious bedroom.

Susan Jositas / Vacation Destination Paintings

SOLD: "REFLECTIONS AND SHADOWS" Susan Jositas' sweet seascape scenes depict your favorite summertime in New England vacation destinations. This piece was barely in the gallery for 20 minutes before it was whisked away to its forever home in New Canaan. Jositas enjoys painting in a number of locations, such as Nantucket, Connecticut and Delaware; and paints a broad range of subject matter including landscape, still-life and portraiture.



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